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January 20 Update

We are so lucky to have Bert’s construction skills and design genius. Check out these sweet elements to the second floor of the new shed.



Insulation is going in to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the spring and fall. The kitchen cabinets are in process. And we picked up a funky little remnant of flooring for the little cooking corner.


Winter Work

While we aren’t at the farmers market these days or delivering wholesale orders, plenty of farmwork fills our plates.  Progress continues on the washing shed second floor.  In fact, the floor installation is complete.

The second floor of the washing shed is installed.
The second floor of the washing shed is installed.

We welcome the cold for a little bit to freeze out the hoophouses and eliminate any lingering insect pests.  So we cleared out the raised beds and rolled down the sides.  In one hoophouse we are overwintering ranunculus, so we tucked those in for the plummeting temperatures.

Happy baby ranunculus in the full mix of colors.
The rununculus are now tucked in under thick row cover in the hoophouse.

Boxes of seeds are now arriving at the house.  The spreadsheets cover the coffee table waiting for final seeding dates and quantities to fill in the missing blanks.  We only have a couple weeks until the first batch of potting soil is mixed.

Stonecrop Seeks Intern

 IMG_3184  Live.

Work.                IMG_1764

White peonies and stock, purple iris, yellow poppies for a May celebration   Create.


Live on site and participate in all aspects of farming from seed to sale. Learn soil building, vegetable production, record keeping, cut flower growing, bouquet making, full-service wedding work, hoophouse applications, marketing and sales.

Do you have what it takes to be a farmer?  Do you want to specialize in flowers?  How do you make the most out of non-traditional farm land?  Contact us:  Gwynn and Bert.  540-599-0839 or