Flower Share

Stonecrop Farm is delighted to announce that the registration season for the 2018 Stonecrop Flower Share is open!  Here’s how it works.  We grow oodles of flowers, pick them and make them into unique bouquets and deliver them to Blacksburg Wednesday afternoons.

You swing by your selected delivery location after work, before you pick up the kids, after the day at the pool, before you go see grandma for your weekly visit, and you make the tough decision about which arrangement is just the right one.

You pay for all these bouquets now, and it helps us farmers pay for our propane, buy our seeds, and order our supplies.  You can give it as a birthday gift, a Mother’s Day treat, or remind someone how much you love them every single week.  Some people give it as a gift to themselves just because.

We send you weekly reminders because life gets kind of busy and we don’t want you to forget to pick up your flowers.  We’ll tell you what’s happening on the farm and give you tips on how to make your flowers last longer.

You can pick up your summer share at
Eats Natural Foods,
Annie Kay’s Main Street Market,
CrossFit 460,
In Balance Yoga Studio,
or we deliver to Warm Hearth.

To fit your budget, schedule, and love for flowers we have three options for you.


A limited number of these are available, but we’ve got five thousand tulips in the ground and thought these would be a wonderful feature of this four-week spring tonic.  Anemones and ranunculus will round out the bulk of these four whopper bouquets delivered Wednesdays in April and May.  Pending no major interruption from Mother Nature, the Spring Share runs Wednesday, April 11 through Wednesday, May 2.  The cost is $100 and includes tax.

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photo by Yi-Ling Shen

The traditional SUMMER share runs Wednesday, May 30th to Wednesday, October 10th.  It starts with great things like poppies, dianthus, and snapdragons to name a few.  The summer flowers start to emerge with celosia, delphinium, rudbeckia, zinnias in every shade, and so many kinds of sunflowers.  Everyone loves the lisianthus that blooms in July and August —this year in seven different colors.  We’ve added so many new colors and varieties throughout the summer; we can’t wait to show you.  And the dahlias!  August through October are rampant with different sizes, shapes, and colors of dahlias.  New varieties bloom throughout your subscription.  We’ll keep you updated on what’s happening and send emails to remind you to grab that bouquet.  Twenty weeks of flowers throughout the summer and into the fall for $280 including tax.

For the summer share we offer four delivery locations: In Balance Yoga Studio, Eats Natural Foods, Crossfit 460, Annie Kay’s, and Warm Hearth Village.   The hardest part is selecting your favorite bouquet.

And what about those of you that would sign up for both spring and summer?  How about The FLOWER ADDICT option!

If you noticed, there are a few weeks between the Spring and Summer Shares.  For a limited number of bouquet junkies, you may sign up to be a flower addict.  You’ll receive all the spring share bouquets and the summer arrangements and then some. For you, there will be Wednesday deliveries for the weeks between the two seasonal shares.  Twenty-seven weeks of bouquets at a slightly discounted per bouquet price for a total of $400. These are delivered every Wednesday from April 11 through October 10.

If you’ll be away for a bouquet delivery, we recommend asking a friend or family member to pick up your arrangement that week.  Alternatively, we offer the option of donating your bouquet to the folks at the nursing home.  Just give us a bit of notice to plan our delivery schedule.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions.  Contact us at (540)599-0839 for more details or email us at stonecropfarmers@gmail.com.

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