Our Farm



I think it all started when we moved to North Carolina for Bert’s job in forest research.  He met a fantastic guy that was just about to leave his position to — get this — become a farmer.  While Bert thought this was a far-fetched career move , it intrigued him enough that when we moved to Eugene, Oregon for my graduate program, Bert looked into jobs at local farms.

Three farms later we moved to New York where, again, Bert sought agricultural experience.  The growing season in the North Country is short, and about the same time Bert’s parents bought land in Giles County, Virginia.  I don’t remember if they invited us or we invited ourselves, but the next step seemed to be going out on our own where the weather would be warmer.

first year farmingIt’s not land you envision as a farm field… it’s hilly and rocky and started out this lovely orange color.  But we were a lot younger and more energetic then…

Thirteen years later we have better systems, work more efficiently, and can see dramatic differences in the color and productivity of the soil.  We have also streamlined the number of crops we grow, in part because of labor requirements, profitability, and in considering the best matches for our land.  We are thankful for the support of our family and customers over these many seasons.

laying dripline_2


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Locally and sustainably grown flowers and vegetables