Ideas to Consider for your Wedding Flowers

The Bridal Bouquet

Consider the style and shape

  • Wildflower bouquets take on a tall and spiky shape with smaller blossoms.  It appears as though you’ve just walked through a field and gathered clusters of flowers.
Skyryder Photography
  • Bohemian bouquets have a wide range of ingredients that are randomly arranged with some eccentric ingredients.
Jared Ladio Photography
  • Nosegays or more traditional bouquets take on a rounded shape with polished arrangements of the blossoms.
photo by Yi-Ling Shen
  • Garden style or hand tied bouquets are more loosely arranged with wisps and tendrils and any range of components.
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Consider the ingredients

  • Do you like the idea of a few varieties or a wide range of shapes and textures?
  • Do you like lots of greenery or a little greenery?
  • Do you want a wide range of colors or just a few?  Remember that a lot of white blossoms will blend in with a white dress.

For the Bridal Party

  • Bridesmaid bouquets – should they be similar to yours or different? Think about adding a different color for contrast.
  • Boutonnieres  — consider colors, size, and ribbon or wrapping

  • Corsages — options include pin-on, small hand-held arrangements or wrist — we make bracelets of blossoms instead of elastic wrist corsages

  • Flower crowns or blossoms for your hair — we know just the flowers that will hold up out of water for the celebration
  • Baskets of petals or small hand held arrangements for flower girls
  • Tossing bouquet – if you want to save your bouquet, an additional tossing bouquet is an option; it can be a smaller version of your bouquet

Options For the Ceremony — Think about what will make the biggest visual impact for photos.  Where will the bridal party be standing and will they block any arrangements you thought you had to have? Here are some options:

  • Altar flowers – large floor arrangements or altar-top vessels
  • Garlands or focal pieces on an archway or pergola
  • End of aisle arrangements – in buckets, tied to church pews or chairs, or on shepherds hooks
  • Urns or large planters at the entryway to the seating area or by the “altar”

For the Reception — This is where folks will spend the bulk of their time.  Add your personal touch to the dinner tables and add color and romance to the room.   Here are some options:

  • Table arrangements – you can use your bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets as reception arrangements, but these aren’t always ideal as centerpieces.  Think about putting them in window sills, on the cake table, or on the guest book table.  Don’t have your maids running around the room for vases scattered here and there.  Put them all together if possible.
  • Additional locations for flowers:  buffet tables, gift table, bathrooms, guest book table, favors table, and the bar
  • Will you want fresh flowers for the cake?
  • Welcome your guests to the reception with your consistent color theme and a bit of flair.  They’re at the right place and you’re setting the stage for a beautiful evening.


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