There are some vegetables that just can’t be crowded out by the flowers.  While we began our farm in 2003 with only a sprinkling of blossoms, the demand for bouquets has resulted in more and more of our beds filling with flowers.  But we can’t deny our bellies — and those of our customers — and so we devotedly keep some produce coming!

Sweet potatoes by Bert and Truman

We simply couldn’t imagine life without beans and cucumbers.  Microgreens come to market in the traditional spicy mix, the mild mix, sunflower shoots, and a seasonal mix of our manager’s choice.  Carrots are the perfect crop for a summer in the high tunnel.  Onions may be on our top ten vegetable list.  Sweet potatoes grow terrifically in our soil.  Those and the winter squash fill our pantry for the winter.  So there are always some select vegetables on the stand with the blossoms.  Don’t miss them.  These loyal, delicious crops have proven their longevity on our farm and deserve a taste.

You can find our produce Saturdays from April to November at the Blacksburg Farmers Market and local health food stores and restaurants. We make wholesale deliveries every Wednesday, and you can find the fruits of our labors at the following fine establishments:

Locally and sustainably grown flowers and vegetables