Summer at Stonecrop

40This year will definitely go down as the most weather-challenged year of farming.  Spring was too cool and wet to get summer crops in on time.  Summer still doesn’t feel as though it has truly arrived, temperature-wise.  And the rain has continued to fall resulting in poor growth and even rot in the worst cases.  We are counting our blessings as we have been unharmed by blight on the tomatoes (so far?) and our flower share members have been so accommodating and understanding with the smaller-than-traditional harvest.  Spring wedding season went well and the summer celebrations begin soon.  Here’s hoping we get lots of warm sunshine in the next two weeks to really bring out the best in the beds of blossoms.

41With the cool nights, we have transitioned to fall.  The first salad bed is seeded.  Next up, mustard, arugula, and spinach.  And the overwintered flower bed won’t be far away.