Color against the Snow and Ice

On a day like today, don’t pictures like these do you a world of good?

Stonecrop Farm is accepting reservations for the 2019 Flower Share.  It’s a subscription of beauty and joy.  Get it for yourself or someone else.  Sign up for one of three options:  

  1.  the Spring Share for 4 weeks in April and May
  2. the Summer Share for 20 weeks running May to October
  3. the Addict Share which combines both spring and summer shares and adds bonus weeks in between

Find out exact dates and prices here, but simply put, you pay now to help us cover our winter farm bills and then you get bouquets for weeks.  Or weeks and weeks.  Or even weeks and weeks and weeks!


photo by Yi-ling Shen

Some folks say that deciding which of the bouquets to select is the most exciting part of their Wednesday.

A share makes a great Valentine’s Day present.  For a mom that has everything, a share makes a great Mother’s Day gift.  Unlike roses from the store, our flowers are grown right here and not shipped in from overseas.  They are grown without sketchy chemicals.  Their purchase supports a family farm in your neighborhood. 

Call us with questions, send in a check,  or purchase your share online.  

A sincere thanks from the Stonecrop Team.