Still Workin’ it…

Hooray! Someone is getting the flower share for Christmas.  I don’t consider myself sentimental, but when something from our family farm makes it under the Christmas tree, I am pretty proud.  Let us know if your someone with everything needs flowers in his or her life.  Or if you wanted the share for Christmas and didn’t get it, let us know.

It’s a wrap for us at the Blacksburg Farmers Market.  We are still harvesting for the new iteration of the Black Hen restaurant and Bar Blue — truly farm to table right smack dab in the middle of Blacksburg.  (It’s on Jackson Street! Check it out.) This week we’re sending collards, sweet potatoes, squash, and our special onions.  Check out what Chef Ashton and his top notch team are cooking up on the weekly evolving menu.

I am collecting those wedding photos from my friends the professionals and, wow, do these people work magic with light and texture.  We are so privileged that they share their results.  I’ll be updating the galleries, but here is a sneak peek!

Chelsa Yoder Photography
Kristen H Photography
Jared Ladia Photography
Magnifico Photography