Photo bug

We have a fantastic team assembled this year.  Yesterday at dinner we were listing the impressive attributes of each unique crew member.  Since quitting the intern scenario, we have hired four folks for part time work.  Then we had an application from a gal that is in Blacksburg while her husband earns his doctorate at Virginia Tech.  Yi-Ling’s visa prohibits her from being officially employed, so we send her home with flowers and vegetables in exchange for her labors.  We have also sponsored her to take an online photography class.  Here are a few of her shots in the first few weeks of study.

Bridal bouquet close-up – photo by Yi-Ling
Bridal bouquet photo by Yi-Ling
The ingredients – photos by Yi-Ling
wrist corsages, photo by Yi-Ling
Bert harvests snapdragons – photo by Yi-Ling
Jesse at work with the microgreens harvest – photo by Yi-Ling
Bri at work transplanting – photo by Yi-Ling
A greenhouse full of poppies – photo by Yi-Ling