Winter work

img_6660 It’s that mystery time of year.  That magical time of year when farmers aren’t around so much peddling their produce.  And we are asked what we do with all this winter.

All year long I make a list of winter goals — projects I hope to accomplish when the farm does not  ask for so much of my time.  Goal number one was accomplished in early December when Bert and I renovated our mudroom.  We moved into this house that Bert built us eight years ago and have often talked about how to finish that room, but this time we did it.  And it’s such a beautiful space now with it’s new-to-us-pulled-out-of-someone-else’s-kitchen cabinets and the beautiful French country blue walls.  So beautiful that we are keeping it really clean and really tidy.  It’s delightful to enter the house through the mud room door now.  And it’s required because it is so muddy outside.

And we went away.  Time off spent at the house just gives me time to complete desk work.  Time away from the computer and the desk makes us stop working.


The holidays came and went and once again I didn’t send you, my friends and family, cards.  (Please know I have the best of intentions.) Then we promptly got back to business.

Bert is renovating the small greenhouse we refer to as the seed house. It’s where we start all of our seeds and nurture the plants until they are ready to transplant.  And it’s where the microgreens grow to fruition.  It’s the only heated space we have, and it hasn’t been enough space in the last year or so.

While he is rewiring and renovating, I’ve been meeting with brides and writing up contracts for the beautiful things our team will create over the course of the year.  And today we announce the details of the 2017 Flower Share Program.  Maybe one of these bouquet subscription programs are just right for you or someone you know? Find out more about it here.  Next up we’ll talk about how to be a member of Team Stonecrop.

Your more-likely-to-stay-in-touch-when-it’s-winter farmer,

Late summer dahlias with blue salvia
Late summer dahlias with blue salvia