Flower Share

The flower share began when we needed an outlet — some good homes — for flowers picked early in the week.  Because we want every blossom harvested at it’s peak, we pick at least twice a week, sometimes more.  Like the Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) model in vegetable farming, our family farm also needed some financial backing when there isn’t anything to harvest.  And so we decided on a bouquet subscription program.

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We’ve had a spree of grey, gloomy days and those are the perfect time to remind you that in the not too distant future bright, cheery color, heavenly scents, and miraculous textures will be available.  Imagine the gorgeous orange of a brilliant ranunculus, and you can almost feel it radiating heat like the sun.  There are ten colors of tulip bulbs poised to spring out of the soil, and they are loving this drippy forecast.

Since announcing the dates for the three flower share options, two have sold out as of March 5th.  We hope we can interest you in the remaining program:  THE SUMMER SHARE!  Think about the other programs and remember to reserve your spot for 2018 early.

SPRING SHARE — sold out!
Sign up to receive four enormous bunches of tulips and ranunculus, one each week from April 12 through May 3.  Your bouquet will include some of the  4000 tulips we tucked in last fall and a great selection of ranunculus in new varieties and colors.  We even have anemones sprouting for a special new addition.  The spring flower share:  the perfect tonic to a long, gray winter!  Deliveries are every

Wednesday, April 12 through May 3  and the charge is  $100 including tax.

You may also choose the summer share bouquet subscription.  This delivers eighteen weeks of the evolving harvest.  Every week is a challenge to pick one of the unique bouquets available.    Every few weeks brings a few new varieties and over the course of the share you’ll receive great blossoms like snapdragons, poppies, delphinium, alliums, hydrangea, rudbeckia, sunflowers, dahlias, celosia, lisianthus, and more with new varieties and colors for 2017.  The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.  Bouquets are delivered every Wednesday from May 31 through September 27 for $250.

If you noticed, there are a few weeks between the Spring and Summer Shares.  For a limited number of bouquet junkies, you may sign up to be a flower addict.  You’ll receive all the spring share bouquets and the summer arrangements and then some. For you, there will be Wednesday deliveries for the weeks between the two seasonal shares AND more after the summer share is over.  Bouquets continue into  October.  Twenty-seven weeks of bouquets!  These, too, are delivered every Wednesday from April 12 through October 11 for $400 (save $25!)

We  offer three pick up locations to choose from:  Eats Natural Foods, Annie Kay’s, and Warm Hearth Village. You select one of these locations and every Wednesday of your share subscription, you’ll find an arrangement waiting for you.  The hardest part is selecting your favorite bouquet.

We’ll keep you updated on farm happenings with our weekly emails.  And we’ll continue to offer the option of donating to those folks that can’t get out much if you are out of town for a week.

If you are interested, let us know.  We’ll confirm that there is still space available and what the total is.  You send a check to the farm during the winter. This helps the farm  cover the cost of propane, the expansion of the greenhouse we use for starting our seeds, the seeds themselves, and the restocking of supplies for the year.

 Thanks to all of you who spread the word and were responsible for adding your friends to the subscription community!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions.  Contact us at (540)599-0839 for more details or email us at stonecropfarmers@gmail.com.
The 2016 late summer crew with the day's zinnia harvest
The 2016 late summer crew with the day’s zinnia harvest

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