Stonecrop Farm is back at market on Saturdays at the Blacksburg Farmers Market.  Come see us from 8 am until 2 pm for greens galore and a color explosion of flowers.

The Spring Flower Share and Addict Programs are sold out.  There are still spaces available in the Summer Flower Share.  That consists of eighteen weeks of bouquets delivered to Blacksburg (you choose from Warm Hearth, Eats Natural Foods, or Annie Kay’s as your drop site.)  The Summer Share runs from Wednesday, May 31st to Wednesday, September 27th. Find out more here.

Our Wedding schedule is booked for May and June, but a few openings are available in other months.  Let us help make your celebration fresher and a bit more sustainable with local flowers.

And lastly, it’s official.

We want you to know that Stonecrop Farm is not applying to be certified organic for the 2017 season.  I wrote a three page essay on why, but Bert thought we should just assure you that it’s not changing how we grow things.  It won’t change the types of products or techniques we use to raise your flowers and vegetables.  We believe the emphasis is on local and for flowers, an organic decree is not a priority.  We are happy to chat with you about all the details and specifics that went into the decision, but we hope you’ll trust us that our mission is to improve the soil, grow healthy products, and maintain a viable and sustainable family farm.  We are updating our banner, this website, and all things published to reflect the legal change in our status.





Locally and sustainably grown flowers and vegetables