And suddenly we’ve transitioned to full steam ahead.  Find us Saturdays at the Blacksburg Farmers Market in our new location.  Look for the big red flower banner or our sign that looks like :

300px logo

The Spring Flower Share is already over.  The tulips have come and gone and the ranunculus are soon to follow.  Salad season is just about to hit its peak.  We’ve transplanted several beds of flowers outside already.  The onions are in.  Next week we transplant tomatoes.  And the first bed of dahlias was tucked in this morning. And it’s just the first week of May!

It looks like the Summer Flower Share is just about to sell out, too.  So many new friends and flower fans have joined the ranks of returning clients.  You might be able to squeeze in your membership if you call us soon.


The wedding season has begun and only a very few Saturdays are left for those that want local, organic flowers picked fresh for their celebration.  We are delighted to report that special orders now fill our calendar, too, as folks are turning to local flowers for parties, showers, birthdays, and even funerals.  We are thrilled to be a part of your lives for all occasions.  Thanks as always for your support of our family farm.






Certified Organic Vegetables and Flowers