devin with her bouquet
Celebrating the Fall

Thanks to Molly Hagan Photography for the great image above.  This is just a sampling of the celebration of the amazing fall colors and abundant harvest these days.  We extended the flower share a few more weeks to those that are interested because we have so many blossoms that need good homes.  In other news, there are five more weddings in the Stonecrop season and the calendar is filling in for 2017.

It might not sound like it, but things are also slowing down a bit.  While the to do list is still long, something is telling us there’s not the pressure to rush or to get down to the farm that extra bit early.  Something’s telling us to eat rich foods and get more sleep.  And we’re happy to do so.

Stonecrop Farm is still at the Blacksburg Farmers Market both Wednesday afternoons (from 2 to 7) and Saturdays (8 to 2).  Find our goodies on the shelves at Eats Natural Foods and Annie Kay’s Main Street Market and in the fabulous dishes of the Palisades and the Black Hen restaurants.

We’ll continue harvesting for restaurant tables and your tables until Thanksgiving….

devin and kevin's cake

Molly Hagan Photography






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