That’s a wrap!

We have tucked in the farm for the winter here at Stonecrop.  The overwintering flowers are nestled in.  The water lines are drained.  The package shed is scrubbed.

We are often asked what we do during the winter, and I’m already wishing there was more of it for the long list of winter projects.  Bert has disassembled our smallest greenhouse — the one where we germinate all the transplants and grow out the microgreens.  Larger sheets of plastic are on order as well as a few more metal bows to enlarge this space by eight feet on either end.

Professional photographers have been contacted, beseeching them to share their images of our wedding flowers over the year for updates to the event galleries.


Meghann Chapman Photography

It’s also the start of paperwork season.  Now is the time to dream of how things will be better in 2017 — the new varieties, the different timing, the increased production!  Which flowers were in short supply?  Which were overwhelming in quantity?  Which vegetables will make the cut?  Which were cut last year that we missed terribly?

This year posed a few challenges, but we had the blessing of working with some fantastic team members that we hope to lure back, and some new successes that we are ever so proud of. Stonecrop Farm now provides the weekly altar flowers for a delightful church community and we were able to make the connection to provide bouquets for the graduating seniors on the Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer Team.

The 2017 graduating seniors from the Virginia Tech Women's Soccer Team
The 2017 graduating seniors from the Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer Team

Stay tuned for the 2017 flower share dates including some new options and check back for the new photos in the wedding galleries.  Contact us soon if you would like to talk about fresh local flowers for your events.

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